Sunday, January 3, 2010

Six Consecutive 10 win Seasons

On New Years Eve the Virginia Tech Hokies rolled into the Georgia Dome for the second time this season. Unlike the first game of the season, the Hokies managed to find a way to win in Atlanta, on their third try, defeating the Tennessee Volunteers 37-14 in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl.

The Volunteers were completely shut out in the second half. All 14 of their points were scored in the second quarter by tying the score at 14 with 30 seconds left to play in the first half.

The Hokies regained momentum going into the half following a hail mary pass of 63 yards from quarterback Tyrod Taylor to receiver Jarett Boykin. Boykin caught the ball just a few yards outside of the endzone. With two seconds remaining on the clock Tech kicked a field goal, leaving them with a three point lead going into the half.

Ryan Williams rushed for 117 yards despite not playing the fourth quarter because of a lateral sprain. He was named the offensive player of the game.

Williams set the ACC record for most rushing touchdown's ever in a season. He also set the Virginia Tech single season record for most yards rushing. He finished with 1,655 yards.

Linebacker Cody Grimm, a senior, was named the defensive player of the game with seven tackles. Grimm, the hokies most consistent defensive player all season will be missed next year by fans, as he became a fan favorite.

The Hokies were finally able to defeat a team from the SEC. Although, Tennessee was one of the less talented teams Tech has played over the last three seasons, the Volunteers simply looked overmatched for the majority of the game.

Next season, Tech will look to get back to winning the ACC, which will not be an easy thing to do with Georgia Tech becoming stronger each season. But, the offense should in good shape with Taylor returning as QB and the return of running back Darren Evans. He will compete with Williams for the starting role, which as of now they are expected to split time at.

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