Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Is Barroid next?

Jose Canseco ... check
Gary Sheffield... check
Jason Giambi... check
Andy Pettitte ... check
Alex Rodriguez... check
Mark McGwire...check
Barry Bonds...next?

With Mark McGwire's recent, although not shocking, revelations of his use of steroids throughout the '90s the public can finally begin reconciling with Big Mac in the same way as they did with Alex Rodriguez, Jason Giambi and Andy Pettitte.

McGwire, spoke publicly for the first time of his performance enhancing drug use in an interview with Bob Costas for the MLB Network.  He claims he began using the drugs because his body kept breaking down.  McGwire claimed the steroids did not have any effect on his home run production, because steroids "do not help with hand-eye coordination," according to McGwire.

The summer of 1998 was one of the most exciting baseball seasons in recent history with both McGwire and Sammy Sosa chasing after Yankee great Roger Maris' single season record of 61 home runs.  Both McGwire and Sosa destroyed the record, with Big Mac passing Maris in early September.

McGwire did call Mrs. Maris and apologize for everything, which was very noble of him.  She was disappointed in him, but was she surprised?

Now it has been revealed that both sluggers used some sort of performance enhancing drug. But that's alright. We already knew that. Besides, neither one of them hold the record.

Guess who does?

Yep. You guessed it.

Barry Bonds.

Bonds is the man who claimed he inadvertently took steroids, claiming his former BALCO trainer Greg Anderson injected him with it without Bonds knowledge.  Meaning Anderson injected whatever he wanted in Bonds in order to improve his game.

Would anyone really be that stupid to allow another person to inject anything into their body without knowing the consequences of what health concerns could develop?

I wouldn't but apparently if you're a seven time MVP common sense just flies out the door.

With an admission of steroid use from Bonds, Commissioner Bud Selig should restore the records to the greats that set those them without any help from science.  That means giving Maris back his single season record as well as reestablishing Hank Aaron as the all time home run king.

Hammerin Hank deserves better at this age, and I'm sure he'd welcome his record back with open arms.

Otherwise Selig needs to establish two records.

Who wouldn't want to walk through the hall of fame in Cooperstown and see this?


- Courtney

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