Thursday, January 28, 2010

Goodbye Johnny! I'll Miss You!!!

With yesterday's news of the Yankees signing Randy Winn to play the vacant spot in the outfield (no offense Brett Gardner), millions of fans hearts broke, including mine. 

I'll be the first to admit that I was never a fan of the original Johnny Damon back in 2006.  In fact I was down right mad that Brian Cashman had the nerve to sign the hated Damon of the Red Sox.  I thought he was arrogant, plain right disgusting with the Caveman look, and very full of himself. 

That all changed when he began playing for my precious Yankees. (Plus, let's be honest, the haircut helped too). 

Damon was one of the most selfless players to play for the Yankees over the past four years.  He brought laughter to a clubhouse that was once too business like and provided some of the best sound bites that reporters could often not print if they wanted to still have a job. 

Let's face it too, the New Yankee Stadium absolutely loved Johnny too.  His swing was perfect for a home run to right.  He provided us with so many walk off wins with that ugly left handed swing of yours, the fans of the Yankees will truly truly miss you. 

We'll always remember your hustle play during the World Series, and there's a distinct possibility you single handily won  that game.  

I do wish you well Johnny, wherever you end up.  I pray for the Yankees sake that it's not in the AL East, because no one wants to battle you for 19 games in the season.  

We all know you'll be coming out seeking revenge against the Yankees.  But, just think for a moment.  Maybe you should be lashing out against Scott Boras.  

I mean really, how many of his "superstars" has he screwed over recently? 

Call up your buddy Alex Rodriguez, Johnny.  Listen to him for once, he actually knows how to handle the diva that is Boras. 

- Courtney 

P.S. I promise you'll receive a better reception in New York your first time back then in Boston :) 

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