Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tebow Needs To STOP!

Editors Note: I know this blog is strictly about coverage of the Yankees and Hokies but I feel I need to post something on Tim Tebow, regardless if it's irrelevant.

First off let me start off by saying that I have genuinely rooted for Tim Tebow all around in the last few years. He has an amazing story from his faith, family, and of course the fact that he was a homeschooler but played football in public schools. He's built one of the greatest college football resume's of all time by winning 2 national titles and 1 Heisman (he's been nominated twice and could very well be nominated again this year).

That being said I've become very annoyed with Tebow over the last few seasons for one reason.

His crying.

Tebow first showed the world that he sheds a few tears last season during Florida's only loss to SEC opponent Ole Miss. He then delivered what turned out to be one of the greatest motivational speeches ever given. He proclaimed that he would be the hardest working football player out there. UF ended up winning the national title and coach Urban Meyer eventually had Tebow's speech transcribed onto a plaque that now hangs outside the Gator football practice facility.

After the first initial crying stage I thought he was just an emotional guy and felt sympathetic for him because he cared about his team and school so much.

That all changed yesterday following the SEC Championship Game.

Now I'll be the first one to admit that I was rooting for Tebow and the Gators all the way after the way the Crimson Tide destroyed my hokies earlier in the season.

However, the Gators were simply outplayed and the defense knew how to handle Tebow.

As the clock was winding down to the final seconds the camera's focused on Tebow on the bench. Crying. Again.

I understand that he did not complete his promise of winning a third national title but really, that's a hard task to complete by playing in the SEC and having to beat the #2 team in the country.

Seriously Tim, you had the chance to be competitive for the national title all four years of college. Many players never get that.

Be thankful and let's work on something before you get drafted. STOP CRYING.

Because honestly, if you end up on a team like the St. Louis Rams are you really going to cry every week after every loss? I sure hope not.

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