Monday, May 10, 2010

Yanks take two of three at Fenway

Opponent: Boston Red Sox
Location: Fenway Park, Boston, Ma.
Yankees overall record: 21-9
Series MVP: Francisco Cervelli
Honorable Mention: Brett Garnder, Nick Swisher, Phil Hughes
Quote of the series: comes from Mark Teixeira on Cervelli
"He comes up (last year) and everyone talks about his defense. He’s going to catch, he’s going to throw, he’s going to be great behind the plate,” Mark Teixeira said. “This guy is impressing me more and more every day. He stepped up for a future Hall of Famer. He’s stepping up and doing a great job for Jorge.”
The Yankees were able to continue their winning ways before losing the series finale to the Red Sox, this past weekend.

Friday's game was a clear demonstration of how patient this Yankee offense can be.  Going into the game, the thought was the game was going to be a pitching battle between Red Sox starter Josh Beckett and Yankee youngster Phil Hughes.  Hughes was able to out battle a wild Beckett.  Beckett simply unraveled and allowed 8 runs in the sixth inning while also hitting Robinson Cano and Derek Jeter.  Jeter's plunking came with the bases loaded to allow another run in.  Hughes meanwhile, continued his dominant start to the season by pitching seven effective innings, allowing two runs.  His season earned run average sits at a miniscule 1.69.  This is what manager Joe Girardi had to say about Hughes' start from Friday.

“Beckett struck out five of the first six hitters and it’s not looking like you’re going to get a lot of runs,” Girardi said. “And (Hughes) just matched him.”
Saturday's game was a bit of a back and forth game until the two teams hit a one hour and twenty minute rain delay in the fifth inning.  CC Sabathia was unable to get the win, after only pitching 4 and 2/3 innings.  He needed one more strike to qualify for a win but the umpires called a rain delay before he was able to complete the at bat.  Alfredo Aceves came in and got the win following the delay, yet he had to come out early due to a stiff lower back.  He is considered day to day and the Yankees have no plan to put him on the DL.  The offense exploded following the delay.  Teixeira hit 3 home runs and is finally over his April slump.  Cervelli had five RBI's from Saturday's game.

Sunday's game, mothers day, brought the Jekyl and Hyde  AJ Burnett once again to Fenway.  Up until Sunday's game, Burnett has been virtually unhitable.  Boy did that change.  Burnett allowed eight runs in an overall ugly game.  The defense was not the best and the weather was simply miserable; cold and windy.  With the wind the temperatures were down into the low 30s.  Girardi was ejected for protecting his player, Marcus Thames.  Unfortunatley it did nothing to inspire the team.  Jon Lester was pitching too well to get a hit.

Next Up: The Yankees head to Detroit for a four game series against the Tigers.  Former teammates Johnny Damon and Phil Coke all now play for the Tigers. 

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