Monday, May 3, 2010

Yankees take series from White Sox 2-1

Opponent: Chicago White Sox
Location: Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY
Yankees Record: 16-8
MVP of the series: who else would it be? Robinson Cano
Quote of the series: comes from Nick Swisher on the loss of Curtis Granderson.
Curtis is a tough dude, man," Swisher said. "He’ll be back as soon as he can, no doubt.”
The Yankees returned home after a week and a half on the road and continued their winning ways.  With the victory over the White Sox, the Yankees have now one 7 of 8 series played this season.

Friday night's game was a battle between each side.  Andy Pettitte struggled the most he has all season but still managed to get a win.  He had help from his buddy Derek Jeter, who hit a home run and a triple, while driving in three runs total.  Friday's victory was a bit old-school with help from the old guard all around, including a save from Mariano Rivera.  Pettitte gave up four runs through eight innings.  The team won the game 6-4.

Saturday's game was a back and forth battle between the two teams.   Javier Vazquez was once again awful and could not get out of the third inning.  The team also lost starting center fielder Curtis Granderson, which I wrote about down below.  Granderson strained his groin and will most likely miss a month.  Brett Gardner will take over in center for Granderson.  The bullpen ended up giving the go ahead run in an overall sloppy game for the pitching staff.  The White Sox were victorious with a score of 7-6.

Phil Hughes continued to pitch like an ace during Sunday's game.  Hughes has been absolutely unbelievable as the team's fifth starter.  Although, given the way Vazquez has pitched, Hughes has jumped into the fourth starter role.  He has been pitching like an ace since the season began and would probably be the ace of the staff on half of the teams in all of Major League Baseball.  Hughes even beat Mark Buehrle, who is normally in the conversation for the AL Cy Young every year.  Hughes was aided by Robinson Cano's amazing start with two home runs, one of which was a three-run home run.  Gardner also hit his first home run of the season, and his first since June of last year.  Gardner is hitting well over .300 and if he can keep his offensive production up, the Yanks will be able to cope with the loss of Granderson.

Next Up: The Bombers continue their home stand and take on the Baltimore Orioles, for the second time in less then a week.


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