Sunday, May 2, 2010

Granderson to the DL

The newest Yankee center fielder is heading for the DL.  

Curtis Granderson strained his groin in yesterday's game against the White Sox, while rounding second base.  He awkwardly touched second while he was on his way to third on Brett Gardner's RBI single.  Granderson had to hop halfway from second to third base.

He was replaced by pinch runner Randy Winn who stayed in the game to play left field, while Gardner moved over to play center.

Granderson was diagnosed with a grade two strain of his groin.  He is expected to miss anywhere from a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of four weeks. 

Gardner will take over in Center while a platoon of Winn and Thalmes will take over in left.  

The team is expected to call up a reliever today to take Granderson's spot until the bullpen gets in better shape.  

You can expect an outfielder to be called up later in the week. 

- Courtney

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