Monday, April 19, 2010

Hokies avoid sweep against Hoos

This past weekend a baseball showdown in the Commonwealth took place between national powerhouse Virginia (the number 2 ranked Hoos) against the #20th ranked Virginia Tech Hokies.

I was personally present for Friday night's game at Davenport Field in Charlottesville and I'm rather happy I went to that game (even though the hokies lost) as opposed to the other two games.  You see the first game was actually competitive on all sides of the ball.

Well, not really, it was just a more balanced game.

On Friday the Hoos defeated the Hokies with a score of 4-2.  Unfortunately bad baseball got the best of the hokies after they got an early lead.  How early you might ask? Oh just two batters into the game.

It started promising, but one thing I've learned following the Hokies is to never get your help up.  We had a lead 1-0 after the first inning, not just the first inning but after the SECOND batter.

But all good things must come to an end.  Junior starting pitcher Justin Wright walked two people with the bases loaded to bring in two runs during the fourth inning.  This led to a 2-1 hoos lead that looked like it was going to hold up for the remainder of the game.

Until the top of the 8th inning.  Andrew Rash hit a game tying home run.

Game tied.  What was I thinking? Extra Innings no doubt.

Too bad the hokies defense decided to start summer vacation a little early.  Catcher Steve Domecus air-mailed a throw to center field on a stolen base attempt which allowed the go-ahead run to score.  But he doesn't deserve all the blame.

His buddy over at first, Ronnie Shaban bobbled a would be double play that allowed yet another run to score.

That was one of the worst innings I ever had to sit through, not to mention as an opposing fan in enemy territory.

Saturday's game wasn't much better as the Hokies got shellacked 8-3.  That was embarrassing.

But all good things must come to an end 'Hoos fans.

That's right the impossible happened.

Virginia Tech DEFEATED the all mighty Virginia, in David versus Goliath fashion.

That's right when everything was looking down for us we scored five runs in the ninth to make the final score 8-5, salvaging an otherwise forgetful series.


PS I managed to get through a post about UVa baseball without mentioning the name of their Head Coach...what was his name?

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