Monday, April 26, 2010

Angels Hand Yanks First Series Loss

Opponent: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Location: Angel Stadium, Ahaheim, CA
Overall Record: 12-6
MVP of Series: Andy Pettitte & Robinson Cano
Honorable Mention: Jorge Posada
Quote of the series: comes from Sunday's starting pitcher  Javier Vazqquez following yet another lack-luster performance.
“I’m not doing a good job out there,” Vazquez said. “And it’s kind of embarrassing the way I’m throwing the ball.”
 The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim finally handed the Yankees their first series loss of the 2010 series.  The Yankees were off to their best start since 1926 after winning their first five series of the young season.

Over the years, the Angels have OWNED the Yankees.  In fact, during Joe Torre's tenure, the Angels were the only team the yanks had a losing record against over the years.  Once Torre left, the losing continued against the angels.  I mean I personally thought it was a miracle that the Bombers managed to win the ALCS against Mike Scoiscia's talented club.

The reason why the Yanks lost this series is simple.


The offense showed up just fine but poor starting pitching from Javier Vazquez and the bullpen on Friday and Sunday proved to be the team's Achilles heel.

The lone exception when it came to the pitching staff this past weekend was old reliable, Andy Pettitte.

Pettitte, who will turn 38 years old this year is looking like he did during his glory years, of the late 1990s.

He pitched 8 innings and only gave up one run.  He's now competing with Phil Hughes for the team for the least amount of runs given up per start.

Pettitte may have the advantage, after all should Hughes respect his elder and learn how to pitch like Pettitte?

Robinson Cano and Jorge Posada remained on fire, driving in the majority of the runs scored this weekend.  Cano had yet another four hit game on Saturday.

Next Up: After a stop to the White House this afternoon, the team heads up to Baltimore to play the O's, who only have three wins on the season.


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