Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lifelong Yankee(s)?

This picture was taken yesterday on the first day of full squad workouts for the Yankees.  Two iconic Yankees that have won 15 championships between them.  Yogi Berra alone won 10 championships while Derek Jeter has won 5.  These two men are arguably the greatest players in the Yankees rich history.

Yogi spent his entire career with the Yankees.  This included time as catcher, outfielder and then as a player-manager.  He even infamously managed the Yankees in the 1960s and well as for a short two year stint with a very impatient George Steinbrenner firing Berra just 16 games into the 1986 season.  Consequently, Berra was absent from Yankee Stadium until 1999.  Is it really surprising that the Yankees worst years occurred after his firing and in the early '90s? No. There was not enough of Yogi's wisdom to go around all those years to the less then stellar yankees (except for of course, Mr. Don Mattignly.)

Derek Jeter burst onto the scene as a rookie in 1996.  He immediately made an impact winning not only Rookie of the Year but also four championships in five years.  Jeter became an integral part of the organization from that first year.  He is a ten time all star and the winner of numerous silver sluggers as well as gold gloves.  This past season Jeter became the all-time hits leader for the organization and also won his fifth world championship.

Now what will happen if Jeter does not re-sign with the team?  Well for one thing, the Yankees will have one huge PR situation on the hand.  How would they even begin to address the loss of the face of the franchise for the last 15 years?  Not to mention, they will have to deal with Jeter himself.  This could very easily turn into a Bernie Williams situation where Jeter could hold a grudge and not return to the stadium for many, many years.  Jeter stated yesterday in his press conference that this is the only organization he wants to ever play for and everyone knows that's the truth.

So my plea to you Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE resign Jeter.  He is your captain and has served your team and city well.  I will be disappointed and be forced to watch the team without seeing my favorite player take his position at shortstop everyday.

After all, how great would it be for future Yankees down the road to have Jeter around like the current Yankees get to have Yogi every year?


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